Today, I had my hair dyed back black, helped put  up the Christmas tree, and have had my Ireland internship confirmed. (: Should be posting photos but I’m too lazy. (as usual)

So anyway like I said, it’s confirmed (!!about time!!), I’m leaving on Sunday at 1050pm for Carlow, Ireland! *excited* Was annoyed at the suddenness of the news but got over it so now I’m just mainly excited. (: I think we’ll be doing a research project there… Haven’t gotten much details on that. That doesn’t sound too fun but, will do, should be manageable. At  around 8 degrees, it’ll be ass freezing cold there though. Already have 2 boxes full of winter stuff I’ll be bringing there. Brr!~ I’m gonna have to bring so much stuff! And it doesn’t help that I’m super kiasu… >.<

This internship will just be a month only though so I’ll be back by Dec 15th. It’s a shame I won’t be here for my birthday or my first yr with the boy.  Oh wells..
*pat pat* Stay strong hon! I’ll be back before you know it and we’ll celebrate Christmas together k (:
Love you!



Silver yo! We did it. (:

After the months and months of training, sweating, cursing, crying, headaches, we finally did it. It wasn’t easy, we didn’t always believed we could, but we did it. Sigh, feels good (: Wish I myself had performed better considering the fact that if I had won both my games, it would had been a Gold for the ladies, but…. yeah I guess I did my best. Sorry team! >.<
Silver. No longer the last now are we.. (:
And we proved you wrong alright, you who sits in your office chair thinking of ways to close us down, we proved you wrong.  HAH!







Okay that feels so much better. (:


Haven’t blogged for a while, oops. (:

Hehe. Not like I’ve been doing much nowadays anyway. Life’s pretty ok, still waiting for news for my OSIP. Waiting for this news week after week is like.. Being in the restaurant where the food you’ve ordered still hasn’t arrived after a gazillion years. You know it should be here by now, but it’s not! And all the excitement that you had for the food is slowly fading and soon after, you just don’t really care what way it comes here or how it is presented, as long as it just shows up on your plate cause you’re so damned hungry!

Yeah wells.
Spent most of my days lazing around with the boy anyway. We had fun of course, and visited underwater world one of the days too. Was a lot smaller than I remembered actually, but my dad says it’s cause we used to keep wanting to go on the travellator again and again and spent most of our time there. Still, the place was cool. Especially enjoyed the touch-the-stingrays pool! The stingrays had this slimy carpety feel to them, almost felt like… well someone spread slime over a carpet. Lol. But it was quite an experience touching them! Haha. Oh, they also like swimming sideways against the walls of the pool so a quarter of their body sticks out of the water, it’s like a shark with a very floppy fin! Haha cute. (:
Lazy to post up pics. You’ll survive.

Hmm what else.. Kleon offered us tix to go for the halloween-ish night safari with him and Elaine on Friday night but we didn’t go in the end cause of the rain ): I was crazily disappointed! I don’t even know why I was THAT disappointed. It was just… ): x 1000.

And then.. there was the community prog with the youth ministry to go to the cerebal palsy centre to spend time with the kids. Al & I were in charge of this 6 year old boy, Joel.
He. Was. Adorable.
Interesting though, even after the 4 hours we spent with him, I still wasn’t sure what was wrong with him.  He seemed like just another normal child, who’s favourite color is orange and doesn’t like dancing.  He likes counting and draws pretty well. He writes his name as Joel Tan K2 2009. And I think he likes me more than Al 😛
I’m glad I went for the event though, learnt so much about these kids and it was such an experience. There was this beautiful small girl with the biggest eyes ever, who only lives in her own world and really cares about nothing else. And then another child, a cute and chubby girl, who had autism couldn’t express herself and could only scream to get attention, taking the servers 10 mins to understand all she wanted was a yellow ball. It was quite painful seeing all these though, but I know these kids were touched by the event and a seed sown in their lives. The event was called “His power, your hands” afterall (:

Today, had a shoot with Shen. Was fun, enjoyed myself. Tomorrow, POL-ITE starts.
Woo! Excited.
It shall be good! 😀


In an effort to determine if there is an evolutionary reason why men are far more likely to participate in dangerous activities,social psychologists at Florida State University tested undergraduates’ risk tolerance using blackjack.Before playing a series of rigged hands, male students were shown pictures of either attractive or unattractive female faces, and then asked how interested they were in finding new sex partners.

The males who saw the pretty faces, and who considered themselves on the prowl, were more likely to ask for a “hit” and risk going over 21 than those who saw the unappealing faces, or who weren’t sexually motivated. When females were given the same test, there were no such discrepancies.


Toni&Guy hairshow


Group shot!

Yay about time I posted the pictures 😀
Toni&Guy’s hair show was alot of fun and was a nice way making moolah while getting a free new cut and color (:


Chantal & I. Love her hair! 😀


Me, Priscilla and Chantal. Hehe contrast!

Loads of pretty girls there for the show! It was a super long day, starting at 7am but it ended around 2pm. Anyway, it took a week for my hair to get to the way it is and I have photos for you guys! Okay la, I know it looks sorta zhilian-ish, but for recording down purposes kay! 😛
Show was on a Thursday. On Sunday they cut it, Monday for 6 hours they bleach it the color in the third picture. Quite awful and ahlian-ny with the bleach below, hahaha. So I stayed mostly home on Tues and Wed. Then wore a cap to Dad’s bday at Lawrys though. (Yum!!) Finally on Thursday, they colored my hair for the hair show. (:
Do like it quite abit, but would be dying it back black soon I guess. Still kinda prefer black 😀

2009-10-05 12.08.432009-10-05 20.28.362009-10-05 23.25.57mynewhair



Did this last night with the my new photoshop cs4 in my new reformatted laptop (:
I know it rough and gory and all.. but that’s my Jesus.
(The real scene was probably alot worse but.. yeah.)