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Merry Christmas

Yay it’s Christmas!

Anyway I had a wonderful evening with some of my fav ppl in the world on the 22nd. I had the house decorated till it screamed Christmas and we had a super large feast which everybody dressed up super nicely for it. We even got YH into a dress and makeup, which she looked absolutely gorgeous in. Gotta do that more often! 😀 Hahaha.

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Uh. Uh.
Here’s the paintings of the 2 dresses I bought this week!

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How bitter the taste of disappointment is.
It’s not fun being the choice to go Paris, and then have it snatched away right at the last minute. Truth to be told, I was already cautious on how high I set my hopes and expectations. Still when they got crushed, it was quite a painful blow.

Yes I’m aware of how blessed I am to able to be here in Ireland, 15,000 miles away from home. But when given a choice to travel to somewhere you never thought you’ll in another decade, it’s another thing. Ask someone who has lived in village with huts and no electricity forever if they are unhappy and they’ll shrug.  But offer them a stay in a 5 star hotel and then ask them to go back to their old lives, they will never stop thinking back of the hotel. You can’t miss a decision if it was never mentioned.

Sure, going to Galway instead will probably be fun and all. But when being compared withe the idea of Paris… I don’t know.
How I wish the idea of a trip to Paris was never brought up at all.

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