Merry Christmas

Yay it’s Christmas!

Anyway I had a wonderful evening with some of my fav ppl in the world on the 22nd. I had the house decorated till it screamed Christmas and we had a super large feast which everybody dressed up super nicely for it. We even got YH into a dress and makeup, which she looked absolutely gorgeous in. Gotta do that more often! 😀 Hahaha.



Uh. Uh.
Here’s the paintings of the 2 dresses I bought this week!


How bitter the taste of disappointment is.
It’s not fun being the choice to go Paris, and then have it snatched away right at the last minute. Truth to be told, I was already cautious on how high I set my hopes and expectations. Still when they got crushed, it was quite a painful blow.

Yes I’m aware of how blessed I am to able to be here in Ireland, 15,000 miles away from home. But when given a choice to travel to somewhere you never thought you’ll in another decade, it’s another thing. Ask someone who has lived in village with huts and no electricity forever if they are unhappy and they’ll shrug.  But offer them a stay in a 5 star hotel and then ask them to go back to their old lives, they will never stop thinking back of the hotel. You can’t miss a decision if it was never mentioned.

Sure, going to Galway instead will probably be fun and all. But when being compared withe the idea of Paris… I don’t know.
How I wish the idea of a trip to Paris was never brought up at all.

Lazing around

I know, I’m sorry, I’m a lazy ass. I WILL blog about Belfast some time soon! Hahaha.
Anyway, we spent the weekend pretty much just lazing around and staying away from the cold.  What a nice waste of a weekend here in Ireland. Haha. It’s rather disappointing though, that we haven’t been able to interact with any of the Irish students. Most of the time we’re just doing our own projects and research, which I guess is not what I envisioned. Hopefully we’ll be able to at least make some friends before heading back to Singapore!

Oh anyway, I created two tumblrs for myself during my lazing time, and well, have also been playing fb games non stop.. Tsk. But yeah,you can have a look at the tumblrs here (:

Missing everybody back in SG!

Ugh! I bet using my laptop for extended periods of time while sitting on my bed is a horrible idea, my back hurts ):


Having loads of fun here! (:
Had a visit to Dublin and Belfast last weekend and it was a really cool experience.

Woke up early on Saturday morning and we took a nice long walk to the bus stop which you can see below. It’s like a little hut, kinda cute. Lol. Then of course, considering the fact that I’m travelling with a bunch of slightly crazy people, one of them decided that sitting in the bus stop was a lovely time to use for shaving. Why waste time right? -.-

It was a one and a half hr of bus journey from Carlow to Dublin and the view along the way was gorgeous. Too bad it was pouring when we got off though, the rain made the weather freezing cold to walk in! ): So we froze our way from the bus stop to our hostel. The buildings there looked awesome compared to Singapore though. Every building were unique but all of them managed  to look grand and majestic with their detailed pillars and brick walls. Was really quite a sight to walk through them, even when I felt as though my fingers were gonna fall off most of the time. Anyway, the lower right picture is the hostel we stayed in. We chose it mostly cause.. okay I’m not too sure why the rest chose it , but I loved it’s website design! Hahahahaha. http://www.kinlaydublin.ie/

Unfortunately the people who stayed in the room we booked still haven’t booked out when we arrived, so we decided to go for breakfast instead. Got recommendations on breakfast places from the people at the counter and headed down to d-cafe, the nearest breakfast place to our hostel. (meaning crossing the road) It was a pretty cozy place with a smell that can drive your stomach mad. The guys all ordered the regular breakfast, (boring people), while I ordered the cheese and meat panini. Haha. Everything was really yummy though (:

When we were done with breakfast and had warm happy tummys, we took a “short” walk to the Guinness Storehouse, one of the most famous tourist spots in Dublin. The “short” walk… was damn long la! Btw, did I mention that when they said it was a 10 minutes walk to school from our home back in Carlow, they meant “30 friggin minutes”? -.- Haha but Irish people do walk really fast, like… really fast.  Haha. Anyway we took loads of pictures outside the Guinness Gate, which was kinda tall and cool.

The Guinness Storehouse itself was pretty huge. It just so happens that this year was it’s 250th year so we got the limited edition tickets, yay. (: Anyway it’s pretty much like Science Center, just that it’s all about beer making and proclaiming the awesomeness of Guinness Beer. Was rather educational I guess, haha. After the tour, our ticket allowed each of us a complimentary cup of Guinness so we (obviously, being Singaporean and all) went to get it. That was at the top top top floor which was very very high. Had a 360degree stunning view of Dublin! (: I only drank half of the cup though, Guinness is so bitter! >.< ewch! Anyway, we dropped by the Guinness store before leaving and the guys ended up buying loads of stuff. But it was so expensive there! >.<

So when we were done with the much spending, we finally got our asses out of the storehouse and into the streets where we  saw with much delight, a horse carriage! *squeals* 😀 After an almost nonexistent consideration period on whether to take it, we soon happily hopped onto to carriage which brought us straight back to our hostel. Very convenient (: We went up to our now-empty room to put down the stuff (it had a great view) and then left for the Castle I-Forgot-It’s-Name. Gorgeous place, the castle. The only problem was that we weren’t allowed inside cause we were not part of a tour. ):

After the Castle, we went back to Temple Bar which was where our hostel was located. It was around 5pm at that time, but the sky was already pitch black so… we went for dinner. Haha it’s funny though, cause we ate the lunch set specials for dinner (: But all was good, it was delicious and cheaper. We went downstairs after dinner to the restaurant’s own bar but it was filled to the door with people so.. I guess not. Walked around the road and there were quite a few really talented buskers performing. This guy below was really cool! Haha.

Went back to the hostel pretty soon after that cause all of the bars were packed. Played with James’s 2euros da vinci board game for a while and got bored (he donated the game to the hostel). We did try going out again after that but there was really nothing to do so went back and bathed and slept.
And that’s the end of Dublin. I think I’ll blog about Belfast later. Haha. (:


After more than 24 hours of travelling, I’m in Carlow, Ireland!
And it. is. GORGEOUS. The scenery is stunning and weather was an overzealous air con that has thankfully repeatedly stopped raining whenever we needed to walk, thank you Jesus! Accommodations are also perfect and the school was way coool. I expected a way heavier Irish accent here in Ireland though, but it’s actually pretty normal and understandable. Maybe Hollywood exaggerates a little? Lol.

Anyway, it’s real cool having an Irish name here in Ireland, everybody seems so pleasantly surprised when they hear it. Hahaha! I’m glad how we pronounce it in Singapore is actually correct, hhaha, I was already prepping myself to come to the horrid realization that my name might have been pronounced wrongly my whole life. Haha. So yeah, anyway, I’ll be doing research on SecondLife and other stuff here in ITCarlow for my work in this internship. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but… it’s survivable. Haha. Went grocery shopping after school. Haha and here I’ll tell you a fun fact about Carlow, Ireland… There are no plastic bags! We had to stuff the chicken garlic and all the other stuff into our bag, I even had a celery stick sticking out of my jacket pocket while walkimng home, hahaha.

Oh and anyway, the group of us were planning on going out of the country during the weekends but nothing is confirmed yet. Let’s see how it goes (:

Btw, I don’t know when I’m turning 19 though, on 12am in Sg or 12am here? Hahaha.
Oh wells. Okay I’m exhausted, going to sleep now! Nights world! Really appreciate the people who went to Changi Airport to send me off! (: